Serendiep houses a multi-facetted workshop with tools for simple metal- and wood work. A mini fab lab is in place, with a laser cutter, a 3D printer, a cnc mill and a vinyl cutter. There is also a sewing machine and an electronics work bench. The atelier is used for teaching workshops, building scenographies and developing new installations for the labyrinth.


Serendiep can be used for groups to do a sprint towards a goal. For instance the finishing touch to a performance, in which the atelier can be used as a scenography workshop for a performance that is being rehearsed in the theatre. Or for the realisation of a proof-of-concept in an innovation project, making use of the fab lab equipment for rapid-prototyping and the theater for the presentation of the result. We gladly cooperate with you on this. Let us know what you'd like to do via or drop by to get to know us and see the space and possibilities on board.

-⋅≕ Recurring activities ≔⋅-

Apart from the programme in the theatre, the workshop will occasionally open to the public, with some recurring activities.


The fab lab features machines for digital fabrication like a 3D-printer or a laser cutter. They can be used to develop a prototype of a product or just to get to know these new tools. Because all designs are made in a computer, they can easily be shared as open hardware and design. It is also possible to use and adjust the open designs made by others, and make them in the Fablab.

Repair cafe

In the repair café people join forces to repair their broken stuff. With coffee or tea as a tool we help each other keep our stuff up and running longer, and everybody gets better at repairing.


In the atelier workshops take place. Amongst others about:

  • Sustainability
  • Citizen science: measuring your own environment
  • Open source software
  • Electronics building with Arduino
  • 2D-drawing in Inkscape
  • 3D-drawing in Blender
Are you interested in a specific workshop? Let us know via Especially when you can bring a group of interested friends or colleagues, we can often provide you with an on-demand workshop.