Serendiep offers a stage for special, small scale projects, from silent movies and overtone singing to surreal proze and open source culture. The current programme can be found in the agenda.


Serendiep can be used to show a special performance to the audience: a theatre performance, lecture, cd-release, film etc. The stage offers seating for 50 people and has the basic equipment of a black box theatre for lighting, sound and projection possibilities. There is a dressing room for artists and a foyer for the audience. The ship enables you to tour a performance along several locations. Or for instance to travel with an educational program through the region. We gladly work with you to make it possible. Let us know what you want to do, via or drop by to get to know us and see the space and possibilities on board.

-⋅≕ Repertoir ≔⋅-

Adding to the ever changing programming of guest performances, regular performance by the ship's in-house company De Spullenmannen can be seen. De Spullenmannen make theatre, installations, visual art and purposeless contraptions. They work from a love for old objects. De Spullenmannen do not focus on a specific genre of artistic discipline, but per project find out what the idea needs.

On Things Going Round

On things going round is a knight's tour visiting the remote corners of the mind. De Spullenmannen explore the arts and sciences, skipping from maths to music, stumbling on visual art and digging into the history of ideas. In an extremely full scenography The Spullenmannen share their fascinations with the audience. Science and art mix. Maths becomes music, interrupted by stories of voyages and discoveries at sea, astronomers looking for inhabtited planets and chemists searching for the origins of life. A chaotic performance packed with experiments, crazy contraptions, formulas and wonder.

Science Fiction Puppet Show

In the year 300,000,000 the job of a space window cleaner has, for undetermined reason, not been made obsolete by automatisation yet. He wiles away his days in orbit around the Earth, living on a diet of advanced fish recovery gel. The monotony of the work is almost enough to make him fall asleep, and just not demanding enough to warrant any questions. Until one day, an alien rings the doorbell asking for a cup of sugar. Visual performance for adults, children of 8 years and older are also welcome.

Tussen Wal en Schip

An evening full of strange performances that you probably will not find elsewhere. You can enjoy short performances, half finished songs, mini lectures, scenes from plays in the making, surreal proze and more.


How much whipped cream can a vacuum cleaner eat? What happens if you do put metal in the microwave? At Poof! objects hurry to meet their destiny. Participants demonstrate their object while it is still working, and then get the stage to dramatically destroy it, with the spirited support of host Günther.