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Serendiep doesn't hold a fixed residence, she sails an ever changing program of activities from destination to destination. See the schedule for the destinations ahead. Below you can see the current location of the ship. Serendiep can be reached through

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WOuld you like to visit Serendiep in your place? Please send us an email and tell us where you live. We will check if the ship can reach a place nearby. Do you know a good spot to moor? Even better. Do you know the local port authority or person who can give us permission to moor? Let us know whom to contact. Do you happen to be the port authority? Let's get in touch!


We send an irregular newsletter to those who want to stay tuned. This newsletter will update on upcoming destinations and activities on board. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.


As is the case with many ships, accessibility for people with a disability is problematic. The foyer is accessible with a wheel chair via a gangway. This depends on the quay, so please contact us beforehand if you want to visit us. From the foyer, it is easy to watch the theater performances. It is not possible to visit the hull of the ship, where the labyrinth and the atelier are located, or the toilet.