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The industrial revolution brought prosperity but now threatens our very existence. Which skills do we need for the next 150 years? Drop by to learn, listen and try things out at Expo Serendiep.

The cargo hull of the exploration barge Serendiep holds a small village of indomitable Gauls. When the ship moors a settlement is created from a number of pavilions: A DIY World Fair that looks into the future and explores new patterns for a post industrial society, sustainable and fair.

Visitors don't come as consumers of entertainment, but as co-creators of the event. By contributing in presentations, workshops and discussions they try to get a hold on the pressing issues of our times like climate change, inequality and growth.

The pavilion Soil/matter addresses reuse and the future of environment and materials. At Open Knowledge the central theme is the democratization of knowledge and technology, both crucial to transforming soil/matter into value. The pavilion Koppelting focuses on network society and philosophy for the next 150 years, the main question being what kind of world we want to live and how to shape it.

When 20 till 25 september 2022
Where Leuvehaven Rotterdam
What Go to the line-up or have a look at the timetable

During the week there will be hackathons on a number of projects shaping our future, the weekend offers a program with lectures, workshops, film, theatre, art and more. 
The language will sometimes be Dutch, sometimes English, depending on speakers and audience.

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In co production with 150 jaar Nieuwe Waterweg, the Maritime Museum, SuperUse Studios and many others.