De Serendiep is a sailing abode for the work of the artists' collective De Spullenmannen. On board you can find a theatre and the Knopjesmuseum. For more information, please see cargo. The ship was built in 1959 at shipyard De Jong en Smit in IJsselmonde, as one of the last ships with a riveted steel frame. Going by the name 'Fe' originally, and from 1971 by the name 'Anje', the ship served as a cargo barge on the inland waterways of mainly the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. In 2018 the ship came into the possession of De Spullenmannen, who are converting it to a space for science, absurdism, and commons.


2019 will be an experimental and exciting year for Serendiep. On April 1st the ship will make her first big journey as a museum and theater ship. But before that there is the chance for everyone to see her cargo: the brand new Knopjesmuseum. On 23 March there will be an opening in the beautiful harbour of Spakenburg, so drop by between 14:00 and 22:00. Many people have toiled long and hard on the ship, and it shows. The Knopjesmuseum, which sadly burnt down on De WAR premises, has undergone a revival on the Serendiep. The exhibition equipment is now being cleaned and repaired.
In the meantime, a theatre has been built on the other side of the cargo hold. Sporting 50 seats and a public gallery, small shows can be staged there. The entrance amidships is equipped with a hydraulic elevating roof; anyone can easily descend the gangway and spiral staircase into the Knopjesmuseum on the one side and the theatre on the other side.

From March/April 2019 onwards, the ship will sail the inland waterways of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. We will moor in cities where theatre festivals are organised and in between we will dock at passing ports. We will ask local talent to help shape the theatre programme. Every port its own party!

We look forward to welcoming all of you on board the Serendiep!



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